• McLaren Senna Magny-Cours Club lap test - Quickest all time

      It is great to see more data coming out for the McLaren Senna. Basically, it is beating the competition easily although for the price you might expect a larger margin of victory. Still, nothing is touching the Senna production wise on a roadcouse.

      This Mangy-Cours Club track test essentially shows the Senna does well on a tighter track and is not just all about power. Remember, on the larger GP configuration it set a new production car record as well.

      It's quicker than a 991 Cup car:

      So, it can beat dedicated race cars. That is certainly worth of mention.

      If you have the money it is hard to argue against it as a track weapon.

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      1. BLKROKT's Avatar
        BLKROKT -
        There was at least another second in there, maybe two. Actually terrible driving - lines, early turn in and doubles, braking. Seriously will someone please put a real driver with some balls in that thing and see what it can really do.